SteamKing Pro Plus+


Featuring Digital Display, Pro Accessory Package with Drain Sanitizing Accessory, Aromatherapy Module, Floor Mop and Mop Pads, Carry Bag, Plus+ Water Treatment and Disinfection Module and Trolley Cart.  Download spec sheet here!

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SteamKing PRO Plus+ Steam Cleaning System.  This model features a user friendly and modern digital display, complete accessory package, carrying bag and cleaning cart.  Accessory package includes extension tubes, hose assembly, rectangle and triangle brushes with towel clips, window/metal squeegee, detail nozzles (colour coded for multiple uses), nozzle brushes, scraper tool and drain tool.  This unit comes standard with the Plus+ Water Treatment and Disinfection Module for PIDAC Recommended levels of cleaning and disinfection.  The upgraded PRO accessory package adds aromatherapy device, drain sanitizing tool and floor mop with pads. Download spec sheet here!


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