Warranty and Service Capabilities for Our Customers

We are extremely efficient, factory trained, and dedicated to doing service on Steam King exclusively, so we are good at it, fast, and we keep all necessary parts in stock. #

We have customers across Canada and into the U.S. and we are able to service them all. We deal with a repair immediately when it comes in, and usually complete it same day. Use of couriers speeds the process, at a reasonable cost. If you are near an authorized service centre you are welcome to drop your unit off. If you are near an authorized sales/distribution centre you may inquire about having your unit picked up for repair.

Please note: we don’t perform on-site service for 110V Commercial Steam Systems. Machine pick ups at your location may be arranged, however this is based on the schedule of the rep for your area, and may not be the fastest way to have your unit serviced.

Please note: as well, that a minimum charge of $18 will charged for machine pick up services. This is usually comparable with our invoiced shipping charges. If your SteamKing 1500 is not working properly – not turning on, not heating up, not building pressure or ejecting steam at points other then the end of the hose – you may need to send it to us for repair.

Please note: There should NEVER be any chemical used in the SteamKing 1500. Tap Water is the ONLY thing that you should put in the reservoir. Chemicals are not meant to be boiled. The end result is usually a toxic sludge that presents health concerns, damages components in your SteamKing 1500 and VOIDS your Warranty.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do to prolong the life of your SteamKing 1500 and maximize it’s performance is to regularly perform the Drain Procedure. This was included with your system and can be found on the CD that came with it. PLEASE CLICK HERE to download a copy if you need. When you send us your SteamKing you usually need only send the base unit. If you are unsure of what to send – Just Ask.

STEP ONE: Please drain the SteamKing 1500. The reservoir (at the top of the unit where you add water) and the Boiler (at the bottom where you perform the drain procedure) should be emptied.

STEP TWO: Please package your SteamKing 1500 well. The actual rule of thumb for most couriers is that the package should remain intact after a 4 foot drop. Unnecessary repair issues can occur from broken upper and lower housings, castors and shaken components inside the machine.


Then simply call the courier to pick your shipment up. We are often on the road visiting customers. If you call in we can sometimes give you an idea of when a representative might be visiting your area if you require a unit to be picked up for service. Please note that this is not a guaranteed option, and is not always the most timely way to have your unit serviced.

We also do not provide on-site service – the reason is that in order to ensure your unit has been fully evaluated and properly tested we often run it for several hours and this is not possible at your location. Also, in the event that a repair order needs to be authorized by someone who is not on site we would be unable to complete the necessary work. If you do require that we pick up a unit as opposed to shipping it in please note that a service charge will apply for the pick up.

A typical rate for the GTA (Ontario) is $20. This is comparable to the shipping rate we charge when you use our shipping account.

For any questions on the on-site service and pick up policies please speak with Elle or email elle@intersteam.com.

When we receive the unit we will have look at it, prepare an estimate and call you. We will never spend a dime of your money without your permission. We normally inspect the units the day they are received. We will then call you – so please provide your contact information with your machine unless you have called to arrange your service ahead of time. We typically perform the service within a day of receiving your permission and courier your unit back to you – good as new.

If you have questions about our service department, policies or procedure, please call 1-800-281-4413 or email sean@intersteam.com

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