Safety Instructions for Using a Steam Vapour System

The Steam Vapour System is an electrical appliance used to generate high
temperature, low moisture steam vapour which is easy to use. The system is
designed to be used for sanitation and cleaning a wide variety of surface types using
the heat contained within the steam vapour as the functional agent. As such, the
user is required to read and understand the instructions for use as set forth in this
manual, to follow accepted safety practices as with any other electrical appliance,
and to read and understand the following:

  1. Before connecting the machine, check that the data on the voltage rating plate are
    the same as the power supply. The rating plate is found on the bottom of the unit.
  2. The packaging materials (box/plastic) must be kept out of the reach of children.
  3. Never direct the steam ports at any body parts, person or animal, as hot steam
    can cause injury.
  4. Never use the system for anything other than its intended use, or use attachments
    not recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. Never use a system that is not connected to a properly grounded electrical outlet
    of 120 VAC, 60/50 Hertz (cps), or if the power cord is damaged in any way.
    Protect the power cord from rubbing against sharp objects, catching between
    doors and drawers or being exposed to heat, steam or oil. Always ensure the
    cord is in good shape prior to plugging in the unit. Any required repairs to the
    power cord should only be performed by Intersteam Technologies or an
    authorized service centre.
  6. Never use a system in a wet environment, or subject the system to extreme heat
    or cold, or use in an area where volatile fumes may be present or immerse in any
    type of liquid.
  7. Never attempt to continue to use a damaged or malfunctioning system. Turn “off”,
    then unplug the system and return it to your nearest authorized service facility.
  8. Never use extension cord of less than 14 gauge in size (AWG), or rated less than
    15 amps, or without a proper ground connection or safety listings, or in excess of
    50 feet in length. All extension cords should have safety markings (CSA/NRTL).
  9. Never use the power cord or steam hose as a handle to pull or carry the system.
  10. Never leave the system unattended, even for short periods, when turned “on”
    or plugged in to an electrical outlet.
  11. Never direct steam into electrical sockets, electrical switches, or use on
    electronic equipment even if unplugged as steam may cause damage leading to
    electrical shock.
  12. Never turn the unit upside down or on its side, especially when switched on.
  13. Never put anything into the machine reservoir except clean, clear, potable
    water, as damage may occur to the system, and may put the user at risk of illness
    or injury; adding materials other than water will also void the warranty.
  14. Never store the system where it may be exposed to severe temperature
    fluctuations, weather conditions or personnel traffic.
  15. Always test the surface to be cleaned, as to whether high temperature of the
    steam will deform or damage the surface, in an inconspicuous area, particularly if
    the surface may be susceptible to damage from heat or moisture.
  16. Always turn steam flow “off” before changing tools, accessories, brushes or
    bonnet towels. Steam vapour is hot and can cause burns. Ensure that the
    accessories are properly attached before turning “on” the steam.
  17. Always use caution in removing brushes or bonnet towels from tools, as they
    can be hot enough to cause scalding.
  18. Always turn the power switch to the “off” position before unplugging the cord
    from the electrical socket to reduce danger of electrical shock. Never pull the
    power cord or the steamer to unplug the machine.
  19. Always make sure the unit is unplugged and completely cold before performing
    the drain procedure.
    Be sure that you understand and use these rules for safe and effective operation of
    your Steam Vapour System. This appliance must only be used for the purpose for
    which it was designed: a steam generator with cleaning accessories. The
    manufacturer or distributor may not be held liable for any damage arising from the
    improper, incorrect or unreasonable use of the system. We recommend that you
    keep this manual handy for future reference.
    WARNING – this appliance contains a UV emitter. Do not look directly into the
    source of light. Do not switch on the UC light if it is outside the appliance’s protective
    housing. The appliance may emit harmful UV-C radiation if not used properly. Even
    small doses of UV-C radiation may cause damage to eyes and skin.

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