Heating water will cause scale build up in the boiler of the machine. You should drain your system after
every 10 uses.

Blue Evolution Procedure: You will need to remove the cover from the bottom of the machine using the large bolt. You
can then access 3 drain plugs – one for the boiler which MUST NEVER BE TOUCHED when the machine is
hot, one for draining water/detergent from the middle reservoir and one for removing water from the WATER
ONLY reservoir. Remove the boiler drain plug and allow the water to empty into a bin, sink or drain. Once
the boiler is empty, refit the drain plug, ensuring that the o-ring is in good shape. You can then continue
using your machine right away.
You need to drain the water/detergent tank when changing the contents of the reservoir. If you intend to
use a different detergent than is currently in the tank, you must empty and flush the tank. If you wish to add
a detergent when the tank is full of water, you must empty the tank. If you intend to store your machine for a
prolonged period of time, it is recommended to remove detergent from the tank.
If you suspect that detergent or debris have been introduced into the WATER ONLY tank, you should empty
that tank.
You will need to clean and refit the probe sensor when the indicator light on the display
panel is lit. It is the image pictured here found on the right side of the LED panel – filled
in solid black in colour. You can remove scale from the probe sensor using vinegar or a
scouring pad or in extreme cases, a very fine grit sandpaper. You must ensure ALL
debris is wiped from the probe and it is exceptionally clean before replacing it into the
You should clean accessories, brushes and hose after each use. You can rinse the hose
by sucking clean water through it. You can remove the insert in the wastewater collection
tank to ensure thorough cleaning
You should replace o-rings every year, or at signs of damage.

SteamKing Procedure:

The steam generator MUST BE COLD before we start the procedure. Ensure that it has cooled for at least five hours.
2) Lift the steam generator off of the cart and remove the drain plug cover.
3) Use the drain plug wrench (or a pair of pliers) to remove the drain plug and let the boiler drain into a bucket or sink.
4) Put the drain plug back in to close the boiler. The drain plug needs to be snug. Be careful not to over tighten the drain plug as it will damage the rubber washer.
If there is too much scale in the boiler, continue to step 5 to perform a Vinegar Treatment. Vinegar should only be added to the system every few months. It is still an acid and should not be used in your steamer on a frequent basis.
5) Add 100ml or 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the water tank with whatever water is there. You have just drained the boiler not the water tank.
6) Turn the system on and let stand for 1-1½ hours. If the water tank empties during refilling of the boiler then just add more water, there is enough vinegar in the system.
7) Turn let system off and let cool for at least 5 hours or better overnight. Refill the water tank so it will be ready to fill the boiler.
8) After the system has COOLED we need to drain the boiler again.
9) Replace the drain plug (again be careful not to over tighten) and the drain plug cover. Set the steam generator back on the cart so that it sits flush on the base.
If you are in a hard water area or during rigorous use you may need to drain the boiler more often.
DO NOT Operate the unit during vinegar treatment (use the hose) as scale deposits that break free may get stuck in the valves that operate low, medium or high settings.

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