How do I clean washrooms?

Most restaurants face the same issues in the washrooms. Around the sink area, hand dryer, toilet hinges, urinals and baby change solutions are difficult areas to clean. During this procedure, the walls, sink, and soap dispenser, protective corner guards, partitions, baby change stations, hand dryers, toilet, urinal, baseboards, and doors were cleaned.

The first application took two hours and ten minutes. The area was monitored and a second application was required in one week, which took about thirty minutes.


  • Extension
  • Triangle Brush
  • Rectangle Brush

Steam Setting: Medium

  • Attach triangle or rectangle brush on extension(s)
  • Start at the top of the wall and move downwards. Move the brush in a circular motion across the wall allowing the steam and bristles to penetrate ridges and/or grout lines
  • Wipe with a dry cloth when finished steam application

Cleaning frequency: weekly

Approximate cleaning time: 6 minutes / 52 sq feet

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