Drain Procedure

For the longest STEAM KING service life, drain the cold boiler weekly. Procedure

1) Ensure steamer has cooled completely, at least 3 hours, preferably overnight if feasible.
2) Remove plastic drain cover with flat screwdriver.
3) Over sink or drain, remove the brass drain plug using the supplied wrench or 20mm socket wrench. Observe the water for any signs of scale or other contaminants.
4) After the boiler drains, approximately 2 litres, replace brass drain plug and hand tighten only with the supplied wrench.

Vinegar Treatment

If scale or contaminants are observed in the boiler drainage, treat with white vinegar. No other chemical should be used unless recommended and supplied by lntersteam Technologies.

1) Drain as the procedure above and replace the brass drain plug.
2) Add ¼ cup/250ml white vinegar to the water tank. Power up the STEAM KING. If low water chime sounds, add only enough water to the tank until the chime ends and to fill boiler.
3) Let the STEAM KING heat for 1 to 1.5 hours. Do not use the steamer during this time.
4) Allow the steamer to cool completely and drain as above.
5) STEAM KING is now ready for normal operation, refill tank with WATER ONLY.

Any other additives may/will void warranty
Call 1-800-281-4413 if additional information is required.

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