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Most great Steam Cleaners are made in Italy! #

Why is this important? In Europe, electrical appliances are designed for use with their standard 230-240V (volt) service and in North America our standard service is 110-120V.   Both voltages are available in North America – it is important that you understand the benefits of each type of system and select the best equipment for your needs.Since we began supplying the best Steam Cleaning Equipment available in Canada in 1997 we have seen every other steamer come to market – believe it or not we used to be the only people selling steam cleaners in Canada!One of the things we’ve seen is the introduction of units that were never designed for commercial (110-120V) North American use. Some distributors have taken large steamers designed for 220V electrical supply and performed small modifications to the electrical components in the machines to make them “work” on our standard electrical service. This often causes loooong heat up times, short duty cycles, wetter steam and frustration for the user! It’s also not always compliant with the Canadian CSA Standards. Following these safety guidelines is a must when selecting a Steam Cleaner for use in a Commercial setting.110-120V Steam Cleaners should be designed to be 110-120V Steam Cleaners! The heating element for the boilers should not exceed 1900 watts – that keeps heat up times to a minimum and steam production at a maximum. They should not be combined with a vacuum for commercial use – using both the steam and suction modes simultaneously reduces the performance of each. You should also understand that when the element and pump are in use they draw a considerable portion of the standard 15 amperage component of 110-120V electrical (14 amps are drawn by a Steam Cleaner during this time). You can’t plug your Steam Cleaner in on the same circuit as a space heater (in use), a microwave (in use) or other heavily loaded circuits. That being said – the electrical draw of the unit is still small – and affordable! It costs about 9 cents an hour (in electricity) to operate a standard 110-120V Steam Cleaner!Larger 230-240V systems also have great applications and some extra pressure.  Where is this an advantage?  Manufacturing, food processing and other facilities with both the electrical service and desire for pressure.  Usually, healthcare and food service facilites are NOT the best candidates for higher pressure systems to minimize “chasing” bacteria and dirt around caused by blasts of pressure.We define Commercial as 110-120V and used daily – or if less frequently for longer periods of time.   A consumer steamer is a 110-120V unit that is typically not a continuous steam system, designed for lighter duty use.  Industrial systems are 230-240V or higher and may include dry or saturated steam capabilites.Another thing we’ve learned about the other steamers to come on the market in the last number of years is that not every unit has the same duty cycle. A duty cycle is how well the machine keeps up when in use. For example an 80% duty cycle means that you will only have optimal and consistent steam 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time you will have fluctuations in temperature and pressure, which will decrease the cleaning power of the steamer during that time. A lower duty cycle is caused by oversized boilers, poor (or no) insulation or circuit boards which aren’t optimized for use in Steam Cleaning Equipment.Another thing that we have seen over the years is the race for pressure. A Steam Cleaner is NOT a pressure washer – and we have never understood why you would want to blast your dirt all over the place. The beauty of cleaning with a Dry Steam Vapour Cleaning System is that you keep a small mess contained – it is the power of heat that does the work.We continue to supply the Best Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment in Canada. We can proudly say that our first unit sold in 1997 is still in daily use! This isn’t necessarily the norm – usual system life is between 8 and 10 years. Every component inside our Steam Cleaners can be replaced and most parts are always in stock in Canada.We have Service Experts – they are so capable they often perform repairs on machines no longer sold and never serviced by other companies.  We perform many repairs at our service centre in Hamilton Ontario, and are able to provide great advice on the service and maintenance of all steam equipment.Powerful 110-120V Steam Cleaning Equipment is the best solution for cleaning for industries like Healthcare (Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, Acute Care, Hospitals, Health Centres), Hospitality (Fast Food, Service Kiosks, Fine Dining, Concession Stands, Catering and Banquet Facilities), Entertainment Facilities (Arenas, Theatres, Golf and County Clubs, Fitness Centres, Play Centres), Educational Institutions (Public and Private Schools, Dormitories, Residences, Colleges, Universities), Service Providers (Restoration Companies, Pest Control Companies, Car Detailing Facilities, Janitorial Companies) and for some Industrial Facilities looking to maintain office and employee areas.  230-240V Systems are ideal for Manufacturing, Powder Coating, Food Processing, Bakeries, Car Detailing Facilites and others.Our Equipment can help you Keep It Clean – With a 100% Duty Cycle, perfect moisture content and helpful and super experienced staff our Steam Cleaners offer the capability to help you with all of your Cleaning Challenges.We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions!

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